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Comprised of certified technicians and I-T specialist, Click IT Compliance brings title settlement companies a targeted solution of services (called TAC) designed specifically for them to meet the compliance rules of best practices head-on.

Title Agency Compliance (TAC) is a new I-T solution offering that is specifically geared for Title Agencies and Settlement Agents.  It is offered by Click IT Compliance, an affiliate of Click IT Connect Corp., which was founded in 2012 specializing in providing I-T solutions to organization and companies.  See www.clickitco.com. Our customer base is nationwide.

Click IT Connect also has a division which builds web applications, does software development and website design. See www.clickitlabs.com. We have a data center on the main Internet highway in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. where we host applications, data and websites for our valued customers.

TAC is essentially a combination of necessary services in order for a title and settlement agency to be compliant with the regulations and requirements of the financial community and CFPB (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau); for the required protection of non-public personal information (NPI).

TAC was developed as a single-source, lower cost solution to address the complications behind forming and complying with best practices as a title agency or title agent, where many services have to be bought typically from multiple third-party vendors.  I-T can be confusing and in combination with the sudden thrust for privacy compliance, overwhelming.  Our mission at Click IT Compliance is to provide a complete cost-efficient solution compiled of I-T services which meet or exceed regulation and best practice standards regarding the electronic handling, exchange and storage of customers’ non-public personal information (NPI).


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