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Our Solution

Our Solution

As a technology company specializing in nonpublic personal information (NPI) protection compliance for title agencies, Click IT first conducts a I-T Assessment.

After this Assessment of all employed I-T services, Click IT determines how well your office is prepared to meet compliance rules of best practices. We evaluate which I-T services used meet the standards necessary to protect NPI, and which do not, as required by law by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Click IT will provide this information in a report containing a compiled list of necessary services that makes your title agency I-T compliant.  We will include a proposal to set-up and deliver any missing compliant service in a bundled monthly price.

Since 2012, Click IT has been providing advanced I-T solutions to organizations nationwide. Coined TAC for “Title Agency Compliance”, this single-source solution is specifically designed for title companies and is based on ALTA’s best practices for I-T compliance. Our solution includes a robust reporting service to prove data security and safe harbor compliance with HIPAA covered entity and business associate regulation, PCI and SOX regulation.

Based on your I-T assessment report, if Click IT proposes a solution for your title agency, it will contain all the necessary I-T services that meet or exceed the compliance standards of best practices for protecting electronic media containing non-public, personal information (NPI).  Then, once a valued TAC customer, additional and on-going assistance concerning compliance will be made available, as well as customized reporting designed to help you achieve regulatory and audit compliance that scales quickly and easily with cost-effective licensing.

Gaining I-T compliance for your company will distinguish your title agency from the competition, increase sales and help promote your business by providing a trustworthy service.


Online services will secures the storage of digital documents and can help gather and organize all the title documents. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is good enough. While these online services are very useful, in our working with other title agencies we have found that these online services will not ensure an agency is fully secure and compliant.

Here’s Why:

  1. 356-bit encrypted email – Instead of changing your current email, the simplest thing to do is to setup a new email account based on a new domain, like “myagencysecure.com”. Then, have your office use this account whenever corresponding with your lenders. It establishes with them that you are serious about security. We will also work with you and provide you with a signature block that says you are compliant.
  1. 356-bit encrypted hard drives – Doing this correctly is a bit challenging but you must have your drives encrypted wherever you are storing NPI. By saying it is “a bit challenging” we mean you must make sure the software you’re using is encrypting any activity properly. In other words, if a USB drive is inserted and a NPI file is removed, then this file would be unable to be seen without the encryption key.
  1. Antivirus and proper computer management – We use a professional-grade managed and I virus program which also allows us to monitor and maintain your computer’s system software for updates, potential failures and intrusions.
  1. 356-bit encrypted backup – Best practices says you must back up any storage of the NPI to an encrypted backup solution. We would provide in our solution a service that allows us to recover your data entirely in case of a disaster.
  1. Physical security – With regard to shades on windows, clean desk rules and locks on doors, we can only advise you. But physical security issues are addressed in Pillar 3 and should be complied with as well. We’re not only concerned with digital compliance.
  1. Documentation, verification and certification – After our working with you, Click IT Compliance has all the docs to provide you with, to validate you are following best practices. We also have organized all the templates you’ll need too as forms, so they are easy to work with. There are ways to also get your title business certified to assure your lenders you are compliant. In this way, they will not hesitate doing business with your office.

What’s Needed:

Agencies are required to send the originals docs with signatures back to the lenders.

Ask yourself this: 1) Do you make copies and store these electronically for your records after a transaction? 2) Does more than one person exchange and handle NPI documents inside your office? 3) Do you exchange information at any time using email? Can you assure all your employees will follow the rules of compliance?

In conducting your business, to be fully compliant, those online services can’t help you secure your email, for instance, or make sure your office workers don’t slip up.  Doing business entirely in the Cloud is just not practical.

In summary, here’s what a typical small title agency needs to get set up with:

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