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1. What is your data encryption strategy and approach?

Title Agency Compliance (TAC) utilizes BitLocker in CBC (cipher block chaining) mode with 256 bit encryption. This ensures one of the highest levels of security for NPI.

2. How do you manage encryption keys?

Each server and storage path has its own individual encryption key.

3. What certifications for data protection does TAC have?

TAC services have performed an annual SOC 2 Type II audit against all 5 trust service principles.  Our Data Centers are covered by SSAE16.

4. How does TAC handle data replication and data availability?

We replicate all data between separate sets of physical infrastructure and guarantee 99.999% service availability.

5. How much control does TAC allow its customer around their own data?

Our customers control the content stored by this service completely.

6. How does TAC isolate and safeguard customer data from that of other clients (co-location)?

Active Directory permissions control access to all customer data and eliminate the possibility of data being accessed by unauthorized users.

7. How does TAC monitor and document activity in customer accounts?

Administrative actions are audited and logged in permanent read-only format identifying the username, source IP address, action, and time an event occurs; this ensures that any unauthorized changes are monitored.

8. Can TAC handle growing workload volume securely?

Yes, we have the ability to be dynamic in the changing market place, meeting your needs as they grow or change. Our system is designed to be able to handle increasingly large workloads.

9. Who can see client information?

Only the owners of data and those specifically identified and granted access by the owner of the data are able to access the data, or NPI.

10. What happens if the vendor loses client data?

We ensure that client data has the utmost security and loss prevention. We employ complete backup systems with fail-over redundancies, and clustering, with a real-time backup strategy.

11. What happens in the event of data corruption?

If a data is ever corrupted we have real-time backups that allow us to be able to fully restore any information.


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